Yet More On The Death Throes of Legacy Publishing

There were a couple of great blog posts today from two of the heavyweights.

Here Joe Konrath talks about the fallacy of the slippery slope argument that Amazon is out to destroy the publishing industry, so they can then jack up prices and start ripping everyone off.

“A lot of bookstores might blame Amazon for putting them out of business, or competing unfairly. Welcome to capitalism, kids. That’s like saying, ‘My girlfriend left me for another guy who is more attractive and treats her better.'”

And here Dean Wesley Smith writes about the many myths of indie publishing versus traditional.

You are guaranteed to sell more copies through a traditional publisher. Let me just try not to choke with laughter. Folks, I have sold books to traditional publishers that sold exactly 625 copies at last royalty statement. I have had books go out of print and the publisher still hold them at less than 2,000 copies. Some of those books I got advances beyond thirty grand. Trust me, selling to a traditional publisher doesn’t mean numbers of copies.”

Joe Konrath on Unconscionability

A very quick post, just to link to another scathing must-read article from Joe Konrath:

‘What we have here is an entire industry using boilerplate contracts and universally accepted one-sided clauses to exploit an entire segment of people.’

Read the full piece here. If you’re an author or aspiring author, and you aren’t following Joe’s blog, you really should be.