Coffee Has Never Been More Important

12.25am – Dan goes to bed.

4.40am – Alarm goes off. Amisha gets up.

5.00am – Amisha leaves for airport.

5.36am – Phone rings. Amisha has forgotten her passport.

5.45am – Dan in cab.

5.59am – Dan arrives at airport, hands over passport.

6.04am – Dan in cab.

6.17am – Dan back in bed.

8.30am – Alarm goes off. Dan gets up for work.

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Getting Married in T-Minus 7 Days. Synchronize Watches.

Hey folks, just checking in to say hello. Preparations for the big day are ticking along nicely,  and in just one week I’ll be a married man! After that we’ve got a few more days in the UK, then we’re heading home to Brazil for a week’s honeymoon in the spectacularly-named Jericoacoara.

Dunes, baby.

It’s a hard life.

I’ll be back on August 9th, when normal service will be resumed:

  • Rambling about writing
  • Flagrantly linking to io9 articles
  • Making fun of Kristin Stewart
Oh no, I made her mad! Or… hungry. Sad? Constipated?