Question for aspiring writers…

Do you firmly believe you’ll be published one day?

Because I do. And I’m wondering if I’m being ridiculously overconfident or just typically overconfident.

6 thoughts on “Question for aspiring writers…

  1. jacksontz

    Nah, I don’t think you’re overconfident. I’m pretty sure I’ll get published whenever I get around to finishing my novel. I know I have interesting stories to tell, being confident isn’t always a bad thing 🙂

  2. No, it’s not just you. I firmly believe it, too. I’ve thought of giving up my writing dream many times, but it’s my belief that it’s what I’m meant to do that keeps pulling me back. (Then again, I do have a high capacity for self-delusion.)

    1. Hi there! Good for you – stick to your guns.
      This post is a bit of a blast from the past for me, from the days before I decided to self publish, so… all of two months ago. Times change, eh? Best of luck with your writing, and thanks for commenting.

      1. That’s funny! I’m making my way through all of your posts now. I came to you through David Gaughran’s blog on self publishing. I’m doing the same with a collection of short stories. Best of luck to you, too! And nice book cover.

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