Mad Men meets Sci-Fi has a great piece here – Mad Men Begins Highlighting Science Fiction as a Tool of Expression.

I love Mad Men. It’s one of the most tightly written, perfectly paced shows on television, with a cast of realistic, rounded and often deeply flawed characters. I really appreciate all of the cultural references that make the show so true – the Kennedy/Nixon election, Vietnam, etc – but it’s especially satisfying for me to see sci-fi popping up, with Ken Cosgrove’s writing it under a pseudonym, and now the long-lost and oh-so-pathetic Paul Kinsey desperate to pitch a script for an exciting new show called Star Trek:

Paul: “I think it should be their season opener next year.”

Harry: If there IS one. It’s a tough timeslot — “My Three Sons,” “Bewitched” — that thing’s a juggernaut.”

Yup. Star Trek‘s good, but it’s no Bewitched.

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