Holidays and Edits

Limited bloggery over the past few days – sorry about that. We’ve been away on a little trip over the long weekend here in Brazil. I have no idea which saint’s day it was which gave me the day off last Thursday, but I’m grateful – taking the extra vacation day on Friday made it a four day weekend, and they’re always good.

Anyway. Lovely fiancée Amisha has finished reading ASCENSION POINT, and is in the process of writing up final notes. As expected, the bulk of the work that needs doing, revision-wise, is in the first four chapters. That is, before I was any good at writing. It’s astonishing how much I developed just over the course of one book. Whether I see similar improvements over my second/third/fourth novel is another question entirely, but it’s pretty dramatic to look back at nonetheless.

Lovely fiancée is away this week in Washington D.C., giving me ample free time in the evenings to power through these edits and get it ready for professional editing. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the pro I have lined up is going to say: it’ll be weird but hilarious if they think I need to undo any of the changes which Amisha suggests.


A writer’s life, eh? The things I never had to worry about a year ago…

Seriously. Do a Google image search for editor. It's mainly screenshots of Photoshop.

(This is the best Google Image I could find for ‘editor’. Seriously.)

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