All Stars Have Planets

Awesome/terrifying report on io9 here.

‘Shostak also admitted that the discovery reaffirms the idea that life could have emerged in the Galaxy a long time ago. “It’s been possible to have worlds with life for quite some time now,” he said, “there could be life out there that’s billions of years old.”‘


3 thoughts on “All Stars Have Planets

  1. jackiehames

    I always thought it was kinda arrogant and blatantly stupid to think humans were the lone sentient race in the universe. I mean, really? Billions and billions of stars and we thought we were alone? Pssh.

    I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.

    1. It always seemed a bit unlikely, didn’t it? Almost as unrealistic as the idea that any species with the technology to visit Earth would start a friendly information exchange, rather than just wiping us out and stealing our delicious livestock. Mmm. Livestock.

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