Stuff What I Have Been Entertained By Lately

Pretty sure I nailed the grammar in that title. Good job, me.

So, what’s been entertaining and intriguing me in the world of SFF this week? Links ahoy!

If you’re not yet familiar with Hugh Howey’s amazingly successful Wool series, now’s the time to get acquainted. Here’s an excerpt.

Watching the Star Wars prequels–muted.

Time zones in Antarctica. Cool.

An in-depth analysis of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I never really got into DS9 when it was on television, but I’m tempted to give it a whirl.

Review of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. (Warning: spoilers.)

Microquasar + supernova = lazing manatee nebula. Apparently. (Warning: physics.)

The Man of Steel trailer…

…gets a Lego remake.

Both awesome.

4 thoughts on “Stuff What I Have Been Entertained By Lately

  1. lol those are all terribly time consuming. That article about the nebula alone is a time sink of related wikipedia articles explaining what I’ve just read. Speaking of prequels, what are your thoughts on the sequels?

    1. I love io9. It’s a wonderful way to waste a few hours learning things you really don’t need to know.

      By sequels, I assume you mean the proposed Star Wars Episodes VII-IX? I’m hopeful, but it’s too early to say. A lot’s going to depend on the pedigree of the writers and directors they get, and which stories they choose to tell. Some of the post-original-trilogy Star Wars canon is really good – mainly Timothy Zahn’s stuff – so it could be great. But they might want to do something completely new. Fingers crossed, eh?

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I heard they were for sure not doing anything Timothy Zahn related, which is regrettable. I think what he did the canon was far more fan-friendly and delicate than grubby, man handling sophomoric treatment Lucas gave the prequels.

      2. Oh, no doubt. You can’t argue that it wasn’t Lucas’ prerogative, though – it was his baby.
        But no more! I for one welcome our new Disney overlords.

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