The New Star Wars Trailer Is Everything

Oh. My. Word.

  • Andy Serkis’ voice as Supreme Leader Snoke. Chilling.
  • Robot hand.
  • Luke confirms (?) he trained Kylo Ren in the past.
  • Kylo has a cool metal patch on his cheek now!
  • …and is also a badass pilot. No surprise, runs in the family, I guess.
  • Is he about to blow up mom?!
  • That delightfully cute animal next to Chewie is a Porg.
  • Poe being exploded!
  • Finn fighting Captain Phasma (maybe?) with an electrostaff. (I’m still angry that they retconned these to allow them to stand up to lightsabers, but I’ll allow it.)
  • BB8, shaking off that electrocution like a boss.
  • Snoke being villainous. Rey in trouble!
  • And… TWIST?!

Christmas can’t come quickly enough.

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