More Jean-Luc Picard? Make It So!

Delightful news (via io9):

CBS announced today that Sir Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean Luc-Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be reprising his role in a new series that will explore “the new chapter in Picard’s life.”

Hurrah! I’m a big fan of Star Trek: TNG, and for me Picard will always be the quintessential captain. It’s also intriguing to wonder what the creators of the new show–and Patrick Stewart–will do with the character, with such a long time having (presumably) passed. Will he be a Star Fleet Admiral? Jaded and retired, tending a small vineyard in France? Borg again? (He won’t be Borg.)

Unfortunately the show appears to be coming to CBS All Access, the network’s streaming service that approiximately twelve people have signed up for. Hopefully it’ll prove popular and gets at least reruns on the actual CBS network at some point.

And finally: “Show me Picard’s flute!”

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