A Preliminary Review: Ascension Point by Dan Harris

ASCENSION POINT–or rather, its first two chapters–has received its first review! Our good friend Ms. Sokol found herself intrigued. All should follow her blog, as she is clearly a lady of exquisite taste.

Becoming Author

Recently, I stumbled upon Dan Harris’s blog, dan-harris.net, chronicling his journey to become an independently published sci-fi author. I enjoyed his humor and his story and was, therefore, intrigued by his recently published book, Ascension Point. I found his book on Amazon and got the sample sent to my Kindle.

After reading the first two chapters and meeting two of the four main characters, I have decided that once I finish my current book, I’ll buy Ascension Point and do a complete review. Until then, I felt the need and desire to share my thoughts of the first two chapters and explain why I decided to buy the book (even if it will be at a later date).

Harris has a great grasp on understanding how important detail is in his writing. He picks up on a lot of the beauty of his action and his world by…

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I Want To Be a Paperback Writer, Paperback Writer

And in a couple of weeks, I will be! This afternoon I uploaded the paperback version of ASCENSION POINT to Createspace, which means in the not-too-distant future it’ll be on Amazon alongside the e-book version.

The most exciting part of the whole process for me? Getting the final version of the paperback cover from my designer, the wonderful Stephanie Mooney. And here it is…

Show me, show me, show me!

Bob Mayer on Self-Publishing

Another quick link – there’s a great guest post from Bob Mayer on Live Write Thrive here.

The key lesson for me, as a writer just getting started:

“The #1 mistake I see new writers making are slapping their first book up on Kindle and then running around trying to promote the hell out of it. No. Write first book. Start writing second book. Finish. Start writing third book. When you have at least three good books, then you can start promoting. It’s a learning curve. Also, how many are willing to put that sweat equity into it? It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

From an ‘author of more than fifty books all available in eBook that have sold over four million copies’, I think I’ll pay attention.

Let’s Get Digital? Quite Possibly…

I just downloaded Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran. This week David has made it available for free on both Amazon UK and US, so there’s no excuse not to pick it up. You can also get the PDF version for free on David’s marvellous site here (and in my blogroll on the right).

I’ve just finished reading the first part of the book, which deals with why authors should self-publish. David makes a very compelling case for doing so, and I’m surprised to say that I’ve quickly gone from planning to go the agent-legacy publisher route once my novel is ready to pitch, with self-publishing as a backup if that didn’t work out, to being (almost) completely decided that self-pub is the best primary option.

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