A Preliminary Review: Ascension Point by Dan Harris

ASCENSION POINT–or rather, its first two chapters–has received its first review! Our good friend Ms. Sokol found herself intrigued. All should follow her blog, as she is clearly a lady of exquisite taste.

Becoming Author

Recently, I stumbled upon Dan Harris’s blog, dan-harris.net, chronicling his journey to become an independently published sci-fi author. I enjoyed his humor and his story and was, therefore, intrigued by his recently published book, Ascension Point. I found his book on Amazon and got the sample sent to my Kindle.

After reading the first two chapters and meeting two of the four main characters, I have decided that once I finish my current book, I’ll buy Ascension Point and do a complete review. Until then, I felt the need and desire to share my thoughts of the first two chapters and explain why I decided to buy the book (even if it will be at a later date).

Harris has a great grasp on understanding how important detail is in his writing. He picks up on a lot of the beauty of his action and his world by…

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