Link Dump: Resources

Time for another link dump, methinks. Lots to share.

And finally, for any newly-published authors saying goodbye to the day job:

8 thoughts on “Link Dump: Resources

      1. I always read responses people write back to me in the comments section, but I don’t always reply.

        This, my fellow blogger, is a reply I had to inform you of its awesomeness.

      2. What a coincidence – I always read replies people write back to my responses, but I don’t always respond to the reply. It’s because 5 minutes replying equals over an hour responding to the reply.


    1. Hi Shantelle – I’m very glad you like them!

      All you need to do for pretty links is:
      – type the name of the site
      – highlight it
      – click the little button that looks like two circles joined by a rubber band (it’s next to the ‘align right’ button)
      – paste the address in the box

      Easy when you know how 🙂

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