Worlds Without End – Legends of SF

If you’ve not checked out Worlds Without End in my blogroll on the right, take a peek now. It’s OK, I’ll wait.

The site is an incredible resource, and ‘brings together the complete listings of novels, authors and publishers for 12 major awards in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror‘. I’ve mentioned ‘my inevitable Hugo Award’ enough times that you won’t be surprised that was the first place I went. And after spinning through the shortlists for the last 20 years I was awestruck by how many legendary names appear consistently, year on year.

Connie Willis. China Miéville. Lois McMaster Bujold. Robert J. Sawyer. Charles Stross. John Scalzi. Vernor Vinge. George. R. R. Martin. Robert Charles Wilson. Neil Gaiman.

How did you write just 15 novels or novellas in 28 years, and win 11 times, Connie Willis?

How did you get on the Best Novel shortlist 5 times in 11 years, China Miéville?! Are you, as I’ve long suspected, really a wizard?

It’s a little humbling. OK, a lot humbling. But it’s also something to aspire to.

Aim high, folks.

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