So It Turns Out my Fiancée is a Great Editor

Lovely fiancée Amisha powered through the first half of ASCENSION POINT today, and has loads of great feedback, including some things I’d simply never have thought of:

“If she’s a really powerful politician who works all the time, why does she care so much about her beauty regimen? I mean, look at Dilma.”

It’s marvellous having a voracious reader and very smart cookie to give the story a good kicking before it goes off to the professional editor. I really want to make this first novel the absolute best it can be.

And on that note, I’m very excited that Stephanie Mooney will be starting work on my cover next week – can’t wait to see what she puts together. Exciting times!

3 thoughts on “So It Turns Out my Fiancée is a Great Editor

  1. B.G. Mitchell

    My first reader is my wife. I actually read aloud to her. There’s no hidin’ from nuffin’ man. Love it!

      1. As a sometime actor you’d think so wouldn’t ya? But not always. Got a few Nashville cats in my latest though, so it’s hard to resist given that accent a whirl…

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