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Hannah Karena Jones

kickstarter project

For a while now I’ve been pondering Kickstarter: if it’s a good idea, if every low-funds creative individual with a dream project should do it, and how exactly a writer could utilize this fundraising opportunity. When competing with really amazing, tangible creative projects on the Kickstarter website–like Amanda Palmer’s project, where prizes ranged from a digital download of her album, to concert tickets, to a personal five hour dinner/ukulele serenade  (PS: her past Kickstarter project offered tickets to An Evening with Neil (Gaiman) and Amanda. How can a little novel possibility compete with THAT?)–is offering nothing more than a free signed copy of your forthcoming book, with a (potentially super lame) limited-run bookmark, really enough of a prize to encourage people to donate to your self-publishing project?

Having identified such issues with Kickstarter, Pubslush has now appeared on the scene, and it’s like Kickstarter for authors. A self-proclaimed…

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