Fantasy Short Story: ‘Jacks and Queens at the Green Mill’

There’s a lovely fantasy short on Tor. com here. It’s written by Marie Rutkoski, who I didn’t know of before reading this; I like her style a lot.

Here’s a snippet:

“Not that Zephyr felt it. That would require skin. It was a good thing she didn’t have any at the moment. If she had, she would have been sweltering along with the humans. If she had a face, her expression would have shown what she thought of them.

Their parents or grandparents had burned Chicago down in 1874. Now, five decades later, their reborn city was an ugly thing, with straight streets and right angles, full of humans who drank and laughed and had no idea that they were living their lives in a space hollowed out by the murder of a people better than them in every way, in every thought and intention.

Namely, creatures like herself.

Zephyr floated, invisible, into an alleyway snaking out of the club’s side entrance. She was nothing, a wisp of air.

Then her body molded into being and she became a girl.”

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