Time To Plan a New Book

There seems to be a pattern emerging.

When I was about a third of the way through the draft of ASCENSION POINT, I started to find myself daydreaming about ideas for new stories. Some were vague and insubstantial, and didn’t come to much; for a couple I jotted down the basic, high-level premise to come back to later; and one really caught my imagination and quickly turned into the outline for the book I’m writing now, ROGUE.

Now that I’m about five chapters into the draft of ROGUE, the same thing’s happened again. It’s as if, with the WIP’s outline in place* and the story and character arcs plotted, my ‘big picture’ creative juices need something to do. So they wander off and think up new things.

Which is why I got out of bed at 4am last night to write down–before I forgot them–the notes which now make up  the broad-strokes outline of what will end up being my third book. Tentative title: BODIES IN MOTION.

The story’s actually not entirely new: it’s a fleshing out of one of those basic, high-level premises I dreamed up last year. Now there’s some meat on the skeletal plot bones, and I’m really excited to start writing it!

But… Oh yeah.

I just need to write the other 55,000 words of ROGUE first.

(* Work in progress, for anyone unfamiliar with the acronym :))

5 thoughts on “Time To Plan a New Book

  1. My mind does the same thing! I actually set aside a page for future projects in the notebook where I’m writing the draft of my novel (I handwrite each chapter before typing it), and just had to buy a whole separate notebook because the page was full. I really hope this whole writing thing works out because I have enough ideas to last me a couple of decades, haha.

    1. WOW. You hand write, then type, everything? That shit cray. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it works nicely for you; it’s just interesting how people work in different ways. If I had to handwrite everything I’d have given up on writing ages ago 🙂

      1. Yeah, I used to just type out each chapter straight away, but then I was somewhere without my laptop and just wrote the chapter out and when I went to type it out it just flowed so smoothly I stuck with that process. I actually work faster that way. How weird is that?!

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