Sometime in 2423, I Will Be a Millionaire

Yep–that’s right. In the two days since I released ASCENSION POINT, I have sold…

(wait for it)


I’ve had the boys in the lab run some calculations, and they tell me that at this rate, I’ll make my first million dollars sometime in 2423!

Me, just four centuries from now.

After consulting my chart of the future, I see that by only 2040 I’ll be living in an arcology, hopped up on anti-aging drugs. So life in the 25th century must be even sweeter: I’m going to be riding to work on my giant robot tiger like some kind of Future He-Man.


Look at present day He-Man riding his ridiculous non-robot tiger. What a loser.

7 thoughts on “Sometime in 2423, I Will Be a Millionaire

  1. Oh man, I feel you on that. I released a book of poetry on Amazon, gave away 50 in a free promotion to boost my ranking, and then sold a single one after. On the plus side, I have 50 people who have bought and read my books, which is pretty special in and of itself. Hope your sales continue to climb though. Good luck.

    1. Thanks buddy! It’s very early days for me, obviously, but it feels great knowing that four strangers in the U.S. decided to drop five bucks on my work. Best of luck to you, too – as I understand it, poetry can be a tough sell these days.

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