Important Notice for Kindle Paperwhite Readers

It’s come to my attention that there’s a bug/feature in the Paperwhite that means it displays many, many ebooks in a tiny, unreadable font which the user can’t change. Unfortunately Amazon are claiming this is working as designed, so the only thing we authors can do is reformat our books and reupload them.

And that’s what I’ve just done–a new version of Ascension Point is now live on Amazon.

So, to anyone who has bought the Kindle edition of Ascension Point, and owns a Kindle Paperwhite: please delete the current copy from your device, and redownload it to pick up the latest version.

This has been a public service announcement. THBAPSA.

5 thoughts on “Important Notice for Kindle Paperwhite Readers

  1. Catana

    So thousands of writers are supposed to reformat their books because Amazon has determined that one of their readers will violate the very reasoning for many people to buy an ereader? I call BS on that. There is no reason for people to put up with a bug turned into a feature. It’s time for readers to return their readers, not the books.

    1. Yeah, it sucks.

      Amazon’s rationale is that it only affects poorly-formatted ebooks with ‘bad’ HTML of some kind. There’s a long thread on the Writer’s Cafe about it here:,136033.0/topicseen.html.

      It’s a pain in the ass, sure, and they might eventually get around to releasing a software update for the Paperwhite which allows it to display the old-style books properly. But I didn’t want to wait around, and I’ve only got one book out that needed reformatting. Took about half an hour.

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