Hey, look – I’m really nailing this one-post-every-seven-weeks plan. Keep ’em keen, that’s what I always say.

It’s not, of course. It’s just that WRITERLIFE has been frustratingly derailed by REALLIFE for the last few months. A lot of it’s been good stuff, like moving from Brazil to D.C. and settling into our sweet new apartment, but a fair chunk has been being stupidly busy at the day job. (Which has even been a night job sometimes over the last month. The telecoms software game isn’t all champagne and supermodels, I tells ya.)

But that’s enough of my grumbling. You’re here for superhero movie trailers and sweet, sweet hyperlinkage to stuff wot you should read. Some of you even care about when my next book is going to be out! Thanks to everyone who’s pestered me about that. It’s wonderful that you’re keen to read it, even as I apologetically mumble that no, it’s not going to be this year, but I’m damn sure going to try to get it out before the one-year anniversary of Venus Rising. If I can’t knock out a book a year, then something’s gone wrong. I’m not Fran Lebowitz, here.

So. Let’s get it on.

It’s November 1st! And in the world of indie authorship, that can mean only two things: drinking even more than normal to build up fat stores for winter, and NaNoWriMo. While I will sadly be unable to bang out a 50K word novel draft in the next thirty days (without a device that magically extends the day to 47 hours and removes my need for sleep) many of you may be pondering taking a crack at it. have some success stories from authors who took the plunge to great effect. Good stuff.

Stewart. Mckellen. Mcavoy. Fassbender. The new X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, looks BADASS.

Tom Hiddleston does Owen Wilson does Loki. FANTASTIC. I wish Tom Hiddleston was my friend.

More Tom Hiddleston!

Jim Jarmusch’s wry, tender and moving take on the vampire genre features Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as a centuries-old couple who watch time go by from separate continents as they reflect on the ever-changing world around them.

Star Wars: Episode VII might slip out, and is generally having some problems. Given how ‘meh’ the recent trilogy was I can’t bring myself to care about this very much, but having said that if the new movie – whenever it arrives – turns out to be good, I’ll happily reboard the Star Wars bandwagon.

Back on Tor, a review of the Ender’s Game movie. Mild spoilers. It sounds better than I was expecting, which makes the reviewer’s disappointments more – well, disappointing.

That’s all, folks. Keep warm out there!

2 thoughts on “REALLIFE, WRITERLIFE and Tom Hiddleston

  1. jackiehames

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m about 4 or 5 weeks behind in reading this post.

    And I understand your affection for Mr. Hiddleston. Have you seen The Hollow Crown from the BBC? I just watched the first part of Henry IV and Tom is magnificent in it. So is Jeremy Irons, but I have less of a crush on him. So. Yeah.

    1. …and I’m checking in for the first time since I wrote it, a week after that! Good lord, I need to get my act together.

      New Year resolution time, I think: get back into my writing routine. Where writing comes, blogging follows, in a virtuous circle of creativity. Or something.

      Not seen The Hollow Crown, as I’ve only had access to BBC America for a few months since we moved to DC, and Brazil has no BBC at all! Will check it out. Loved Irons in The Borgias. That was a hell of a show – if you like historical dramas, which I assume you do, grab it on DVD if you’ve not already seen it.

      Merry Thanskgivingmas!

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