Sometime in 2423, I Will Be a Millionaire

Yep–that’s right. In the two days since I released ASCENSION POINT, I have sold…

(wait for it)


I’ve had the boys in the lab run some calculations, and they tell me that at this rate, I’ll make my first million dollars sometime in 2423!

Me, just four centuries from now.

After consulting my chart of the future, I see that by only 2040 I’ll be living in an arcology, hopped up on anti-aging drugs. So life in the 25th century must be even sweeter: I’m going to be riding to work on my giant robot tiger like some kind of Future He-Man.


Look at present day He-Man riding his ridiculous non-robot tiger. What a loser.

The Process

  • Draft Book A.
  • Give Book A to beta readers.
  • Start outlining Book B.
  • Make beta edits of Book A.
  • Send Book A to pro editor.
  • Complete outlining Book B.
  • Make pro edits of Book A.
  • Publish Book A.
  • Draft Book B.
  • Give Book B to beta readers.
  • ….
  • Repeat for 50 years or until out of ideas.

No (Extra) Taxes For Me!

(Warning: only interesting to writers planning to self-publish on, CreateSpace, etc. And maybe not even to them.)

A quick follow-up post to yesterday’s tax-related reblog – I can confirm the process of applying for an EIN over the phone went exactly as David laid out in his post on Catherine’s blog.

I called the number this morning, and had a very pleasant 7-minute chat with a nice IRS lady. (I couldn’t tell if she was from Philadelphia or just lives/works there, because I am the crappest at American accents.)

After a few questions very similar to those I was expecting, I became the proud owner of an Employer Identification Number (EIN). I then promptly updated my KDP, CreateSpace and Smashwords accounts, because it pays to be prepared, and I’d rather not risk giving the IRS any of my money even temporarily if I can avoid it.

Now I just need to publish and sell some books, and watch all* of the money roll trickle in!

* Instead of 70% of the money because 30% was withheld for tax reasons. Get it? Yup, I told you it wouldn’t be that interesting.


Holidays and Edits

Limited bloggery over the past few days – sorry about that. We’ve been away on a little trip over the long weekend here in Brazil. I have no idea which saint’s day it was which gave me the day off last Thursday, but I’m grateful – taking the extra vacation day on Friday made it a four day weekend, and they’re always good.

Anyway. Read more…

Writing While-U-Wait

What to do when you can’t write, or edit, your WIP? Like now, when I’m waiting for feedback from my beta readers. (Or rather I will be when a new printer cartridge arrives in the mail, so I can print a copy, so my fiancée can read it. I bet Stephen King never has this problem. Anyway.)

You write the next thing, of course! I’ve had the high-level premise for the next book knocking around for a while now, and today I started putting some bones on it. I’ve now got a chapter-summary outline for the first half, and biographies for the four protagonists, which I think is a pretty good day’s work.

The second book is set in the same universe as the first, a few months later, with a slight overlap in characters – I’m not sure if this will be confusing when I start switching between projects. I hope not.

Another pitfall I’ll need to avoid is due to the setting – the story is primarily based on a harsh, desert world, with an advanced but still fiercely tribal culture. I’ve already had to throw a few possible plot points away because I realised I’d unconsciously ripped them wholesale from Dune.

Damn you, Frank Herbert. Using up all the good desert-based material. Oh well. I’ll manage!

More on Self-Publishing versus Legacy Publishing

I’ve been reading a lot about the pros and cons of self-pub versus traditional (legacy) publishing in the last couple of days. I finished David Gaughran‘s excellent Let’s Get Digital, then ploughed through a couple of hundred articles, trying to find a balance.

And it’s looking like self-publishing might well be the winner for me, folks. But why?

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