Shooting Up The Charts!

This made me laugh. It doesn’t take much to climb the Bestseller Rankings for the Kindle Store, it seems. Yesterday ASCENSION POINT was languishing at #251,110. But then…


Yup–it’s stormed up to #30,554 on the back of that single sale. You have to assume that it takes a few more sales than that to be ranked in the top, I don’t know, ten thousand. But it’s still nice to see the line going upwards 🙂

Early days, folks. Early days.

5 thoughts on “Shooting Up The Charts!

    1. Ah, so this is just the UK store. Weirdly, Amazon report separate sales and rankings for all of their stores, so yours went to my US rank/sales. I had a nice bump from ~#380,000 to ~#100,000 there 🙂

  1. Steve

    This sales thing is surely a fundamental flaw in your marketing strategy, Dan. You have to sell twice as many copies to get into the bestseller charts! It’s like playing X-Com on Classic Ironman. Or not reloading FM when you lose a game…. x

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