Shooting Up The Charts!

This made me laugh. It doesn’t take much to climb the Bestseller Rankings for the Kindle Store, it seems. Yesterday ASCENSION POINT was languishing at #251,110. But then…


Yup–it’s stormed up to #30,554 on the back of that single sale. You have to assume that it takes a few more sales than that to be ranked in the top, I don’t know, ten thousand. But it’s still nice to see the line going upwards 🙂

Early days, folks. Early days.


5 thoughts on “Shooting Up The Charts!

  1. This sales thing is surely a fundamental flaw in your marketing strategy, Dan. You have to sell twice as many copies to get into the bestseller charts! It’s like playing X-Com on Classic Ironman. Or not reloading FM when you lose a game…. x

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