January Sales Report: The Slowdown Begins

Another month, another sales report!

As I predicted in last month’s report, January saw a big drop off in sales compared to December and November.

January Sales and Earnings

  • Copies sold:   8        (Kindle–3, Paperback–4, Kobo–1)
  • Earnings:        $22.37


  • Copies Sold:   69
  • Earnings:        $196.91
  • % to Profit:      22.6%      (or % of expenses recouped)


Big drop!


And again.



I ran an interesting one this month, which should see some results in February.

  • I ran a free giveaway of the book on LibraryThing. I offered 100 free ebook copies, with a request for a customer review somewhere in exchange. 61 folks took me up on the offer, and so far 39 have downloaded the book from Smashwords. Hopefully I’ll see a few more reviews appearing in the coming weeks, which will be vital in allowing me to sign up for the more demanding promotions in future.
  • I also got a few more Amazon reviews organically–good ones, I’m happy to say–and as before, for every review I tweeted it, e.g. ‘Another 5* review for #AscensionPoint’ then the link to the review. And, again, I’ve no idea if these prompted anyone to buy a copy.


  • WIth the continuing slowdown from mid-December, and complete drop-off in mid-January, I think I can safely say that all of my ‘early adopters’–friends, family, blog and Twitter followers–have now bought their copy of the book.
  • Those sales were driving the book’s visibility on Amazon, and prompting sales to other random readers, but that push has now gone; as a result, the book is dropping down the rankings into obscurity.
  • However, all is not lost. The plan is still that the release of VENUS RISING in April, and the initial promotional kick for that book, should trigger a bump in the sales of my other books: i.e. ASCENSION POINT. This is from readers seeing the new book, then spotting that’s it’s marked ‘Book Two’ and checking out the first one as well.
  • I mentioned BookBub last month, too. I’m going to wait until VENUS RISING is out before running a BookBub promo for ASCENSION POINT. That way the readers have a second book to buy after picking up ASCENSION POINT at a discount. Hopefully this provides another nice bump in sales and visibility.

I’ll expand on those last two points, as that concept is pretty fundamental to my business plan as a writer. My expectation is that my monthly sales figures will be a series of occasional spikes, triggered by a new release, or a successful promo, each followed by a gradual tapering off until the next spike.

My hope is that as I release more books, the sales ‘baseline’–i.e. my minimum monthly sales number–is higher after each spike, So the graph might end up looking something like this:


We’ll see.

In summary, we trundle ever onwards. It’s a marathon not a sprint, etc. Happy reading!

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